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Meet the mugs (lovely ones) behind the madness

Have we mentioned we’re local?! 😊 While we obviously can’t meet our wonderful customers at the till point like in a local shop, we certainly want you to have an idea who we are. So here we go… Here’s the lovely team at No One and the people you’ll talk to throughout your whole journey with us.

Darren Elsom, a Director at No One, who runs the Sussex based business

Darren Elsom

Darren has been working in IT since the late 90s and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of technical service delivery. As one of No One’s Directors his role is varied, and he gets involved with most aspects of running the business.

Away from work Darren likes to listen to music and enjoys walking the family dog. He enjoys watching boxing, rugby, and MotoGP and lately has taken up golf. He’d also like to play guitar like Tony lommi but he’s finally realised that he can’t really play the guitar that well!

Drew Marshall, a director at No One, who heads up the network team

Drew Marshall

Drew is the other director of No One and heads up our network team. We won’t go into the nitty gritty of his job but basically his work interests mostly involve boxes with flashing lights (who doesn't love a flashing light?) and moving data from one place to another in the shortest amount of time.

Out of work Drew can often be found in a field as a local Scout leader or sometimes chasing a miss hit golf ball. He is also a fan of many sports, especially motor sports (watching more than playing). And, through his now grown-up children, he is also a fan of women's sport, especially rugby which both daughters play to a high standard.

Lisa Hewitt, a customer success executive at No One, who is on the end of the phone to help our fttp broadband customers

Lisa Hewitt

Lisa is the Customer Success Executive at No One. Having worked in customer service for over 20 years she is very much a people person, a passionate employee and firm believer that a positive attitude goes a long way.

In her spare time, Lisa can be found down her local pub (lockdown allowing!) or enjoying a stroll on the beach. She is a keen tennis buff (watching not playing) and also appreciates watching a bit of rugby. She’s recently discovered the fun that can be had with her new virtual reality headset and loves getting lost in another universe.

Phill Smissen, software development manager at No One

Phill Smissen

Phill is our Software Development Manager at No One which means he gets to look after the ‘fun’ stuff like integrating all our systems so that they work seamlessly together.

When our Phill isn’t glued to a computer screen, he’s a keen mountain-biker/road-biker, runner and also enjoys Formula 1 and watching international rugby. If that wasn’t enough, he’s kept super busy with his two young children Eddie and Hollie.

Tracey Marshall heads up the accounts department at No One

Tracey Marshall

With years of experience in accounts and back office functions, Tracey heads up the accounts department at No One and prides herself on delivering and achieving the best customer service she can to both staff and clients.

Married with two girls, family is everything to our Tracey. Away from work she devotes her free time to netball and even runs a local netball league. She’s also often found pitch or field-side watching her talented daughters pursue their sporting dreams in both rugby and netball.

Oli Robison, a senior engineer at No One, who installs full fibre broadband in customers' homes

Oli Robison

Oli is our Senior Engineer at No One so he may be the one you meet if having your broadband installed or chat to if you want to go through any technical problems on the phone with us. He’s a lovely chap (we have to say that of course 😊) and will do his utmost to help anyone.

In his spare time, just like our director Drew, Oli is a Scout leader so loves all things outdoorsy, walking and camping and the like. He also enjoys travelling and spending time with his wonderful family.

Our favourite but random fact about Oli that he wants you to know – he doesn’t like cats but he loves cake (come on Oli, who doesn’t love cake!).

Ben Cyster, a support engineer at No One, who helps customers with their broadband installation

Ben Cyster

Ben is another one of our Support Engineers at No One so, just like Oli, you may have the pleasure or meeting him if you’re getting your broadband installed with us, or he’ll be the guy you discuss any technical issues with on the phone.

In his spare time Ben enjoys spending time with his family. His main hobbies are playing computer games and fishing (his biggest catch yet is a 12lb Carp).

Matt Elsom, a support engineer at No One, who is part of the 24/7 technical support team

Matt Elsom

You may have guessed from the surname, but Matt is our director Darren’s son. He’s another one of our Support Engineers at No One but, unlike all our other staff members, Matt is the only one that doesn’t live locally (*GASP IN HORROR*). Not satisfied with just moving a few miles away from his family, Matt lives in the windy city of Chicago in the USA. While he may not admit he misses his Sussex lifestyle, his relocation does cheekily allow us to offer 24/7 technical support thanks to the time difference, so we’ll let him off.

In his spare time Matt’s hobbies include Formula 1, chess and virtual racing with his brothers.

Matt Nicholson, technical support at No One, the full fibre broadband provider

Matt Nicholson

Matt is No One's second line Support Engineer. Having worked in IT for over 20 years he has plenty of experience with lots of technical systems and hardware (we promised you we never use jargon so we won’t go into detail 😊).

In his spare time Matt loves socialising with friends and family and getting outdoors for plenty of countryside and woodland walks. He’s also a bit of a sports lover - especially when it comes to motorsport, rugby and golf.

Imogen Phillips, our very talented digital marketing manager

Imogen Phillips

Imogen is the Marketing Manager at No One, which means she is responsible for running campaigns to help our potential customers find us, and us find them. With years of experience in social media, SEO, email, ads, and design, Imogen is determined to spread the word about No One and share the truly amazing work that the rest of the team is doing.

In her spare time, Imogen loves to get creative with digital art, clay sculptures, and painting furniture! She also enjoys socialising with friends, going to gigs, going to the pub (of course, who doesn't?), getting outdoors and heading down to the beach, and - most importantly - hanging out with her cat.

Chick Jagger - ladies man

Chick Jagger

Chick Jagger is the No One mascot (and in case you can't tell, he's a rubber chicken). He has potentially the most important role of us all, as the number one spokesperson (and lucky charm!) for the company. You can expect to see Chick Jagger around our website and over on our social media channels, spreading the word about No One.

In his spare time, Chick is a self-proclaimed party animal. He's a socialite with many friends and the ladies absolutely LOVE him. He's always attending high-profile parties where he likes to think of himself as a bit of a comedian. Oh, and he's an avid volleyball player, of course.

Chick has a constant surprised look on his face. This is because he is constantly amazed at how great No One's prices are and the fantastic customer service. His mum said to him "If the wind changes, your face will stick like that", but he didn't listen.

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