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There’s a great quote out there that says “Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question.”

In our opinion there’s no such thing as a silly question, but there are some that we’re asked quite a lot, so we’ve put them here just in case they help. As always though, we’re more than happy to chat through anything with you on the phone or via our online platforms so do feel free to get in touch.

One question we are frequently asked is "What's the install process for full fibre?"

We deliver fibre on Openreach and CityFibre's infrastructure and have included videos from both to highlight their install processes...

“The internet’s not working” or “the internet signal is rubbish” are common phrases in many households, yet we can almost guarantee that isn’t the case. Most of the time it’s not even broadband that’s to blame, it’s the Wi-Fi connection and black spots causing the issue.

It’s no one’s fault (not us No One obviously), the world of technology is full of confusing terminology and if you’re not in the business or interested in the tech then why would you need to know?

Here’s our breakdown between the internet, broadband and Wi-Fi and our reasons why having an extender (a whizzy box that boosts your signal) may be a necessity in your property.

  • Internet: the infrastructure that lets you order the weekly shop, share your life on social media, stream the latest films on Netflix, email your aunt in Australia, and search the web for funny animal videos—the internet is a vast network of computers, servers and other devices all over the world.
  • Broadband: this is your high-speed connection to the internet. Think back (not THAT long ago) and you had to ‘dial in’ to the internet, it made those funny squeaky noises, and you couldn’t be on the phone to someone else at the same time. Thankfully, those days are gone! As a broadband connection uses a wide (get it…broad) bandwidth, which allows multiple signals to be received at once so you can enjoy everything the internet has to offer.
  • Wi-Fi: Wireless connectivity, or more commonly known as Wi-Fi, is what allows our devices PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet etc, to link to the internet without the need for a wired connection. It uses a transmitter to receive information from the internet via your broadband connection, converts it into radio waves and then magically pings it over to your device. The problem is the signals aren’t usually very strong which is why Wi-Fi doesn’t travel very far, hence, you’ll always get a better connection the closer you are to the hub.

The process is easy. Simply use the availability checker, then choose and order your product. We will do the rest. A member of our team will contact you and keep you updated all the way. Typically, things take between 7 to 10 working days—we’ll always work as fast as possible to get you connected.

Before you place an order with us please check that you are not in contract with your existing supplier. OfCom (the regulator for communication services) has made it easier for customers to migrate away from existing suppliers but you need to check if you are in contract with your existing provider, and if you are what are the termination fees.

Our broadband contracts are 12 or 24 months on Openreach or we offer 1 month, 12 or 24 month contract's on CityFibre.

We can supply broadband to all parts of the UK and have commercial agreements with Openreach and CityFibre in different parts of the country. Our commercial agreements are what dictates how much we sell our broadband services for.

Different types of broadband use different technologies and deliver different speeds.

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) broadband is the oldest and slowest. This broadband is delivered on a copper wire all the way from your home, or business to the local exchange. You can get speeds up to 24Mbps but ADSL speeds reduce over distance because the copper cable is subject to many things that can slow the connection down.

Sitting in the middle is FTTC (Fibre-to-the-cabinet). Your broadband is delivered on a copper wire from your home to a local street cabinet and from here it is delivered to the local exchange on a fibre optic cable. You can get speeds of up to 80Mbps but FTTC speeds reduce over distance because of the connection from the local street cabinet to your home.

The latest technology is FTTP (Fibre-to-the-premises) or FTTH (Fibre-to-the-home). We call this technology Full Fibre because your broadband is delivered on a fibre optic cable from your home, or business to the local exchange. You can get speeds of up to 900Mbps with full fibre broadband as it does not suffer with the same loss of speed, over distance, as ADSL and FTTC.

Yes. Our engineers are all trained network engineers based on the south coast and are not reading from a script. They have access to monitoring and diagnostic tools and will be able to troubleshoot any problems you have.

All our broadband connections have unlimited bandwidth meaning you can download and upload as much as you want, at any time without incurring extra costs. We do not restrict, port throttle, or contend any of our connections.

Yes, we provide a wireless router with all our connections. For 1 month contracts the router needs to be returned to us after you leave us. On a 12 month and 24 month contract the router becomes your property at the end of the contract term. The router is not locked to us and can be used with another ISP. You are free to use your own compatible router and if you do so we will refund you £50 inc VAT. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

The answer is Yes. For home broadband we provide a static ipv4 and ipv6 address.

Please read Our Commitment to you as this covers broadband speeds and is our commitment to you.

No One is a sister company to Trunk Networks and is a new brand established to provide residential customers with the fastest broadband possible. Trunk Networks has been providing business broadband and connectivity since 2008 and is also responsible for delivering dedicated gaming broadband via its Leetline brand. No One continues the traditions of Trunk Networks and Leetline which is to supply all our customers with the fastest broadband possible, backed up with fantastic customer service and support.

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