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I just called to say…

I love you. Well…not in that way, but we do love our customers enough to let you know that the way landline phones work is changing. If you still use yours then you’ll need to act sooner rather than later - especially if you want to keep your home phone number.

So what’s changing...?

Overhead phone landlines above some rooftops to be phased out by 2025. No One provides home broadband without a landline.

We’ll skip the boring / technical bits. The short answer is that right now your fixed landline telephone service is delivered to your home over a copper line (either via a telegraph pole or underground). Your provider (i.e. BT, Sky, TalkTalk etc) uses this to offer their telephone services.

The problem is that Openreach—the company responsible for delivering and maintaining the UK’s national copper infrastructure—has decided it will be stopping all copper services due to advances in technology and the arrival of fibre. This means that by September 2023 it will stop selling new copper-based products nationally in preparation for withdrawal by the end of 2025.

How does this affect me? we hear you cry…

Up until recently, the great benefit of the copper telephone line is that most broadband deals have been provided over copper. That’s made life super easy for you as you’ve been able to order a telephone line, make calls, AND have broadband delivered, all on the same line.

With that gone, you have an important decision to make:

To landline, or not to landline? That is the question…

Traditional red telephone on white background off the hook as people move to broadband only no phone line

Option 1...

You just get rid of your home phone number when the time comes. Lots of people don’t bother with landlines anymore as they only get nuisance calls. Most just use their mobile phones to make and receive calls instead. If that sounds like a good idea then you don’t need to do a thing, just let your contract naturally come to an end!

Option 2...

If you can’t bear to be parted from your landline, then we simply move your existing telephone number away from the copper-based service to a new Internet based service. We’ll sort it so you can continue to use your old existing phones plugged in to your router, or we can supply you some stylish new cordless phones if you prefer.

Before we go…

Buttons of a landline phone surrounded by fibre optic cables with the internet provided by No One

The key to all this is to make sure that, if you want to continue to make landline calls, you take action now to make sure you keep your number.

Here at No One we can handle all this for you. Not only do we promise to keep the process nice and simple, but we’ll also bet that we can charge less too.

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Residential Lite

  • 12-month contract:  £5.99


  • Includes phone service
  • Includes voicemail
  • * Calls to UK landline numbers beginning 01,02,03,07 are charged at 0.8p per minute and calls to UK mobiles are charged at 4p per minute

Residential Plus

  • 12-month contract:  £8.99


  • Includes phone service
  • Includes 500 minutes to UK Landlines & Mobiles
  • Includes voicemail
  • * Inclusive 500 minutes Landline & Mobile calls to numbers beginning 01,02,03,07. Additional call charges to UK landline numbers beginning 01,02,03,07 are charged at 0.8p per minute and calls to UK mobiles are charged at 4p per minute

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