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Terms & Conditions

This Appendix: Broadband Service Appendix

  • sets out the terms of the Broadband service (“Broadband Service“).
  • is subject to the terms and conditions of the Services Agreement, and
  • has precedence over the Services Agreement in the event of conflict or ambiguity.

Broadband shall be used to describe the ADSL2, FTTC 40, FTTC 80, FTTP 80:20, FTTP 160:30, FTTP 220:20, FTTP 330:50, FTTP 550:75, FTTP 1000:110, G.FAST 160, G.FAST 330 services unless specified otherwise

Broadband Service Price List (“Price List”) is the list of prices and Service descriptions available from the relevant section of the No One website.

A Bonded Broadband Service is the combining of multiple Broadband Services to create the appearance of a single Internet connection.

Download is the data transferred from the Internet to the Customer and shall be measured in Megabits per second (Mb/s).

Upload is the data transferred from the Customer to the Internet and shall be measured in Megabits per second (Mb/s).

The Broadband Service

The Broadband Service shall provide a data connection from the premises specified in the Order to the Internet at the following maximum speeds:

  • ADSL2 – up to 24Mb/s Download and 1.3Mb/s Upload
  • FTTC 40 – up to 40Mb/s Download and 10Mb/s Upload
  • FTTC 80 – up to 80Mb/s Download and 20Mb/s Upload
  • FTTP 40:10 – up to 40Mb/s Download and 10Mb/s Upload
  • FTTP 80:20 – up to 80Mb/s Download and 20Mb/s Upload
  • FTTP 160:30 – up to 160Mb/s Download and 30Mb/s Upload
  • FTTP 220:20 – up to 220Mb/s Download and 20Mb/s Upload
  • FTTP 330:50 – up to 330Mb/s Download and 50Mb/s Upload
  • FTTP 550:75 – up to 550Mb/s Download and 75Mb/s Upload
  • FTTP 1000:110 – up to 1000Mb/s Download and 110Mb/s Upload
  • G.FAST 160 – up to 160Mb/s Download and 30Mb/s Upload
  • G.FAST 330 – up to 330Mb/s Download and 50Mb/s Upload

These speeds are theoretical maximum speeds. Exact speeds will depend on the Customer’s distance from their local telephone exchange or cabinet, the quality of the telephone cable used to reach their premises and other technical factors.

  • The initial Term of the Broadband Service will be 12 months. Thereafter the Service shall continue for periods of 30 days unless and until terminated by either Party on not less than 30 days notice.
  • The Service Commencement Date will be advised by us following the processing and acceptance of the Order.
Charges & Payment Profile
  • The Broadband Service will be charged monthly in advance by electronic invoice at the rate shown in the Order.
  • The first invoice will be raised once the Order for the provision of the Broadband Service has been accepted by No One and shall include any set up or activation Charges as detailed in the Order.
Customer Responsibilities
  • The Customer is responsible for the provision of the telephone service that the Broadband Service is provided over, its maintenance and any charges associated with this.
  • To avoid interference to the Customer’s phone service, suitable filters must be installed by the Customer to all phone points within the Customer’s premises.
  • The Customer shall ensure that suitable Broadband connection equipment, such as a modem or router is used to connect to the Broadband Service.
  • The Customer shall provide No One with all reasonable requested assistance to enable No One to provide and maintain the Broadband Service including, where necessary, access to the Customer’s premises and personnel.
  • The Customer shall operate any equipment connected to the Broadband Service with all due skill and care, correctly in accordance with the relevant operating manuals, documentation or any reasonable instructions from No One.

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