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Now is the time to switch broadband

Still waiting on your slow internet connection? Full fibre offers the fastest download speeds and is available to more households than ever before. But, if the thought of changing to fibre broadband is putting you off just leave it to us. We offer quick broadband installation. Simply select your next broadband package online and your service will be up and running in days.

Switching to fibre broadband couldn’t be easier.

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Now is the time to switch broadband

Why switch broadband to No One?

Enjoy faster broadband through the latest technology delivered directly to your home. We’re a local fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband provider based on the south coast that’s competing with big players like BT and Virgin, but committed to a more personal customer service.

No price hikes - ever!

No price hikes – ever!

Once you become our customer, we’ll never raise the price of your package over the life of your contract and that’s a promise

Switch broadband and phone

Switch broadband and phone

We’ll move your existing phone number away from the old copper-based wires to an internet-based service (VoIP) pulled into your router

Five star customer support

5-star customer support

You’ll never be no one to us. Our Sussex-based team are at the end of the phone so you don’t have to wait on hold over your lunch break

Free wireless router

Free wireless router

Get a free powerful wireless router with every connection. This top-spec product is guaranteed to deliver a seamless service for five years

Unlimited broadband deals

Unlimited broadband deals

Whether you’re streaming or downloading, you’ll never have to worry about usage limits with our unlimited data packages

Choice of contract lengths

Choice of contract lengths

Choose the length of contract to suit you. From a 1 month rolling contract to 24 months, there’s a contract to suit all

Still tied to a broadband contract?

Still tied to a broadband contract?

If you’re wondering ‘how long before my broadband contract ends can I switch?’ read on. We can switch broadband the moment your current contract ends. Get a quote today and we’ll lock in the price ready for when you need us. And all this without having to lift a finger on the day we install your full fibre connection. Call our customer service team on 03333 44 06 30 and ask about switching to fibre broadband with No One or take a look at our broadband prices.

Or submit your details below and we’ll send a reminder when your contract is coming to an end.

Switching to No One is easy...

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Select which product(s) you’d like and what date/time you’d like it installed

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Receive your fully configured broadband router in the post and keep it safe

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On the day you switch plug your new broadband router in and be up and running on No One Internet

Compare fibre broadband speeds

Wondering just how fast our fibre broadband packages go?

* Fibre 900
Circle icon of a square broadband router which No One provides for free when changing to fibre broadband

Download Xbox or Playstation game*

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Download Ultra HD movie*

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Switching to fibre broadband FAQs

Look through our FAQs for more information or give our customer service team a call

The process is easy. Simply use the availability checker, then choose and order your product. We will do the rest. A member of our team will contact you and keep you updated all the way. Typically, things take between 7 to 10 working days—we’ll always work as fast as possible to get you connected.

Before you place an order with us, please check that you are not in contract with your existing supplier. OfCom (the regulator for communication services) has made it easier for customers to migrate away from existing suppliers but you need to check if you are in contract with your existing provider, and if you are what are the termination fees.

When the internet is delivered all the way from the exchange to your home via fibre cables (hence the name full fibre) you can enjoy seamless streaming and incredibly fast downloads speeds, making working from home and watching TV even easier. It’s also possible to connect your home phone line to your router with a bundled package. The days of waiting for documents to download are well and truly over with a service that delivers up to 900 megabytes per second.

No One offers quick broadband installation. On average the whole process takes about a week from the moment you pay for your package online. We send your router in the post and will call to arrange a convenient time for the engineer to visit to get your full fibre connection up and running.

As full fibre technology is still being adopted across the country, most of the time an engineer will need to install the new fibre cables from the street equipment to your home. Our engineers have years of expertise and will ensure the process is as simple as possible.

We suggest you don’t cancel your old service until your new one is live. This ensures you’re never without an internet connection (and phone if you’re moving to a digital telephone service with us). While our installation engineers are excellent at their jobs and almost all installations go without a hitch, problems could occur. By keeping your old service going until the very end we can minimise the disruption. There may be a 10 to 60-minute interruption as the phone number moves between the old and the new technology. This will impact incoming calls but not outgoing. It is no different to moving mobile phone provider - except we look after the process all the way!

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