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Experience the magic of our fibre router EXTENDER

White rectangular Fritz WiFi Extender from No One which boosts your house WiFi and avoids poor internet signals

What’s the point of having a supercar and not putting fuel in it? Or hosting the party of the Century but not inviting anyone? You just wouldn’t.

It’s a similar situation with broadband and Wi-Fi. There is absolutely no point in investing in an amazing broadband connection if everyone using the internet in the property wants to do so via the Wi-Fi and your router can’t handle it.

Diagram of a house where the Fritz WiFi Extender can boost fibre router broadband products for flawless broadband coverage

Depending on the size of your property, the materials it’s made from, and the number of people trying to use Wi-Fi devices, you may have ‘dark spots’ that Wi-Fi is simple unable to reach with its signals – no matter how good the broadband is. That’s when we hear the dreaded words, “The internet’s not working” or “the signal is rubbish” – it’s nothing to do with the internet or broadband, it’s your Wi-Fi router having issues.

Strengthen your connection with No One’s fibre broadband router

More than ever, we tend to want the Wi-Fi to be strong throughout the entire property, whether you’re working from home in the study upstairs, letting the kids stream their computer games in the loft conversion, the other half is watching a cookery programme in the kitchen, or you try and video call the family to check in in the living room. At No One we offer our fabulous Fritz Wi-Fi extender which allows all our broadband products to work seamlessly and provide flawless coverage wherever you live, and whatever your demands.

Mobile phone and WiFi signal icon showing the Fritz WiFi Extender app to check broadband signal strength

We even have a super clever app that can help you work out where is best to position your extender and check the strength of your signal in every room (don’t worry though, our engineers can do this for you too if you don’t want to use the app).

You can add one of our fabulous Fritz Wi-Fi extenders to your broadband package for just £120.

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