Up your internet speed, down your internet bill

Get 3 months FREE* full fibre broadband!

*On CityFibre 24-month 500 & 900 packages

Up your internet speed,
down your internet bill

Get 3 months FREE* full fibre broadband!

*On CityFibre 24-month 500 & 900 packages

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No One does full fibre broadband in Worthing better

No One is the full fibre broadband provider you’ve been waiting for. You’ve heard of broadband providers like BT, Vodafone, Virgin Media, well… we’re just like them, except better because we’re LOCAL to Worthing!

We are proud to be a Sussex-based company. All our staff live (and most have grown-up) right here in Sussex. We know the area like the back of our hands, and we couldn’t be prouder to be able to serve our local community with cost-effective, fast broadband packages.

Did you know the ‘shop local’ slogan we’re all familiar with also applies to everyday services like internet and phone line providers? If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable broadband deal suited to your household’s usage then look no further. We offer fibre broadband packages in Worthing for the price of a small round of drinks.

Our broadband offers in Worthing deliver
superfast internet speeds at great prices

You don’t need to know whether your broadband infrastructure is provided by Openreach or CityFibre.
Simply type in your Worthing postcode to our broadband checker and we’ll show you the best
broadband Worthing deals available to you.

Get full fibre from just
£24.99 p/m
with download speeds that are perfect for binge-watching Netflix or working from home.

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What makes us different? We offer:

The widest range of broadband deals

Cheapest monthly package in your area

Includes broadband router

FREE installation

Router installation by a trained engineer

Worthing-based service team on the end of the phone

Fibre rollout in Worthing

A whopping £25m has been invested into Worthing – making this one of the world’s most digitally connected regions.

Basically, the lovely people at CityFibre are replacing the old slow copper-based networks with gigabit-capable full fibre connectivity which offers unbelievable download speeds. Ignore all that technical jargon though! All you need to know is if you live in Worthing then you can benefit from an insanely fast, super whizzy internet connection.

City Fibre will have finished rolling out new fibre across Worthing within the next couple of years and thousands of homes can already get blisteringly fast full fibre broadband. Use our availability checker to see if your home can get full fibre broadband.

Woman at night looking at her mobile with Worthing Pier in the background enjoying broadband offers from No One

Choose No One for your Worthing broadband and we promise:

No technical terminology, no insanely detailed small print that ties you into never-ending contracts and no hidden price hikes. We’re here to provide straight-forward high-speed internet, a reliable connection, and honest advice about the broadband package that best suits your needs. All this, plus amazing customer service from a local company (where you’re not the 1050th person on hold).

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Got any questions about switching to our broadband?

CityFibre is currently in the process of making full fibre available to thousands of homes across Worthing, which means if you live in and around the area you can benefit now if not soon. Not sure if CityFibre is available to you? Don’t worry, just enter your postcode into our broadband checker and we’ll list all the options open to you.

If you’re streaming TV programmes from Netflix and other similar services then fibre broadband makes all the difference to your viewing experience. Multiple users accessing the internet in one home can also prove to be a problem if you’re not using this technology, leading to buffering and lagging. Super-fast internet really does require fibre to the premises (FTTP) - full fibre - as it doesn’t suffer from loss of speed over old wires to your home.

Once you’ve chosen your package from our postcode checker we’ll be in touch to arrange the connection. The process normally takes between 7-10 days. If you have any questions about timescales, then we’re here to help.

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