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Does monthly rolling contract broadband suit you?

To help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting your next broadband package, we offer a range of broadband contract lengths to suit your lifestyle.

Switch to No One and you can choose from no contract broadband (also known as 1 month broadband), 3, 12 or 24 month broadband contracts for the ultimate flexibility.

So how does short term broadband work?

If you sign up with us on a no contract broadband deal in Worthing (also known as 1 month broadband) your minimum term is 30 days at which point you’ll move onto a rolling contract which can be cancelled whenever you want without incurring cancellation fees. The nice thing about the rolling monthly contract is that it can be paused and reinstated, at any time, for free**

The great news with a one or three month contract is that the monthly price is much lower because you are paying for the router and installation costs up front. This leave you free to leave at any time. The router we supply has a five year warranty and can be used with other ISP's - much better for the environment.

If you don't want to pay for the router and installation up front then our longer term broadband contracts are more cost effective as they allow us to spread these costs.

Sign up to 1 month broadband with no contract

Benefits of rolling contract broadband

Ultimate flexibility

Ultimate flexibility

Loyalty rewarded

Loyalty rewarded

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

Pause and reinstate

Pause and reinstate

No long term commitment

No long term commitment

Our rolling contract broadband is suitable for:

Student broadband

Whether you’re studying, gaming or bingeing box sets, full fibre provides fast, reliable internet for households with multiple users. Our flexible student broadband means you can sign up to short contract lengths which will cover the college or university term and won’t leave you paying for what you don’t need. We normally recommend a 3 month broadband contract for students.

Student Broadband
Landlord and tenant broadband

Landlord and tenant broadband

If you’re a landlord with a property to rent or a tenant who is frequently moving, it’s likely that lengthy broadband contracts aren’t for you. Get all the benefits of full fibre broadband to the property without the headache of paying penalties to cancel when the property becomes vacant. Renting holiday lets? Our short term broadband can be paused and reinstated later without a new installation fee.

House-buyers broadband

If you’re looking to move home soon, being tied to a long broadband contract could mean you face cancellation costs if your current provider doesn’t cover the new area. A short term contract will help you to keep your options open and won’t penalise you if your situation changes. Plus, if you go onto a rolling contract with No One you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the price won’t skyrocket.


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Got any questions about short contract broadband?

Look through our FAQs for more information or give our customer service team a call

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Our contract lengths are 1 month, 3 months, 12 months, and 24 months.

There are installation and fees for 1 month and 3 month contracts. 1 month contracts incur an installation fee of £49.99. Our 3 month contracts incur an installation fee of £29.99. There are no installation fees on our 12 & 24 month contracts as the router and installation costs are spread over the term of the contract.

On longer contracts we can spread our fixed costs over the contract term. As we’re unable to do this on the short term contracts, the installation fee covers the cost of the router and installation. This leaves you free to leave at any time with no hidden or unexpected cancellation fees. The router is your property and can be used with another ISP.

If, at the end of the 1 month contract, you don't want the service any longer then all you need to do notify us, return the broadband router to us, and the service will be terminated.

If, at the end of the 3 month contract, you don't want the service any longer then all you need to do notify us, return the broadband router to us, and the service will be terminated. If you decide to stay, you’ll be placed on a rolling 1 month contract (but still pay 3 month prices). After 12 months we will automatically put you on our 24 month prices (from month 13) but you would still be on a rolling 1 month contract.

No One Internet owns the broadband router. On a 12 month and 24 month contract the router becomes your property after the end of the contract period.

We have different commercial relationships with different suppliers. Currently, we are unable to negotiate shorter contract terms on Openreach full fibre products.

Absolutely. You get the same full fibre broadband speeds and performance just over a shorter contract term.

If you’re still inside the term of your contract you’ll be required to pay a cancellation fee and return the broadband router to us. Contract cancellation requests must be sent via email to contact@noone.co.uk. If you want to cancel a no contract deal you’ll only have to pay for the remaining days of your 30 day term. If you are on a 1 month or 3 month contract you will need to return the broadband router to us.

No contract broadband, also called a 1 month broadband contract, is an internet package that has a contract term of 30 days as opposed to annual contracts where customers are tied into a fixed price deal. On a no contract broadband deal, the broadband service doesn’t stop after 30 days but continues to roll on outside of the contract period and can be cancelled at short notice without incurring cancellation fees. For more guidance read our terms and conditions.

* These contract terms are only available on CityFibre products.

** As long as an engineer doesn't have to revisit the property otherwise an installation fee will be incurred.